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Skellig - an English theatre play

Am 6. Dezember besuchten die 7b und 8a zusammen mit Frau Staege und Frau Koch eine Aufführung des englischen Theaterstücks "Skellig" an der PH in Freiburg. Four different students talk about their experiences while watching the play - in English, of course


Skellig – a report of the play (by M. Dittmeyer, 8a)

On 6th December 2017 at 10 o’clock, our class 8a went with Mrs. Staege and Mrs. Koch by tram to the PH-Freiburg to watch the play „Skellig“.
It was acted out in English, by the PH-Playmates (a couple of English students at the age around 20). The play „Skellig“, written by David Almond, is about a twelve year old boy named Michael, who had moved into a new house with his family. But the house crumbles away and they have to fix everything.
When Michael enters the garage in the overgrown garden one day, he finds a man sitting in the middle of the messy room. The man looks ill, and the roof of the garage is about to collapse.But the man doesn’t want to move. After a while, Michael and his new friend Mina are finally able to move the man into a safer place and the man named Skellig, Mina and Michael become friends. The mystery of the man why he hides himself from the public is that he has wings on his shoulder blades!
Michael had heard the story from his mother many times that shoulder blades are the place where the wings were when we were in heaven before we were born.
But the man doesn’t look like an angel, maybe like an angel with black wings and clothes instead of white, a bit like an owl or an eagle.
While Michael has enough problems with feeding Skellig and his new classmates, the whole family is in big trouble, because of his little baby sister, who was born too early. He tries his best to help her with thoughts and prayers. And like a wonder, the problems disappear, and the whole family, Mina and a classmate of Michael have a big party in the garden to celebrate the life of Joy – the little baby sister with a heart like a fire.What the family didn’t know as well as Michael and Mina, was that Skellig had visited Joy at the hospital and made her heart keep beating.
I liked the play because it was an interesting story and easy to understand and they had live music.
What I didn’t like about the play was the scene at the hospital when Michael met the doctor.
The play was acted very well, although they had only a few actors.The play ended at 12:45 and we were allowed to talk to the actors.  At 13:45 we were back at school again.
(Maren Dittmeyer, 8a)

Report about Skellig (by Emi Scheuer)

On the 6th  December we went with our class to the play ,,Skellig“ at the PH.
It was really crowded and there were many school classes!

The Story
The play is about Michael. He is a boy who has moved with his family. The new house is very old and dirty. His mum is pregnant and the baby will come soon. Next to the house is a garage with spiderwebs and old things. Actually he may not go to the garage but he is doing that anyway! In the garage there is someone very special. Together with his very sharp minded friend Mina he wants to find out who he is. His sister is born but she is coming too early to earth. She has to be in a hospital in a glass case with wires and tubes and nobody knows whether she will survive.
Mina and Michael find out that the special person is named ,,Skellig“. He is an old person and very grumpy. Michael and Mina  want to help him but he doesn‘t want help. He only likes to eat something and drink beer. Michael and Mina are very despaired. They say:,,We have to help you.“ And then Skellig says:,,Yes.“ They move him to another old deserted house, where he is safe. Michael and Mina have seen something on Skellig's shoulder blades. But what? Later they find that on the shoulder blades from Skellig there are wings! Skellig is fit again and the second good news is that Michael's baby sister Joy didn‘t die. Skellig had helped her … .The End

I like the play because there were two narrators in the play and they talked about the story. I like it that Michael and Mina could help Skellig and that Joy the baby didn‘t die in the end.
But sometimes it was very bad that the scenes have often switched. I don‘t like that Skellig was so mean to Mina and Michael at the beginning.
(Emi Scheuer)

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My report about the play “Skellig” (by C. Wagner)
On Thursday the 6th December  we  visited the PH to watch the play  “Skellig“.First we took the tram to get there, then we still had to walk a little bit until we arrived. At 11am the play started, it was about a boy who‘s called Michael and his family, who move to a new house. At the beginning Michael who is very sad because his baby sister is about to die finds a mysterious and scary creature in the garage, the creature doesn’t take care of itself so Michael decides to bring it food and keep it as a secret he tells   nobody about. And then he meets another person, a girl whose name is Mina,  the two kids become friends soon, and  Michael  tells her his secret: the mysterious creature in the garage .Then they visit the creature together at a dark night  and find out that its name is Skellig, they try to help him but Skellig doesn’t want help. After that night there are going on many things in Michaels head so he isn’t good at sports and neither at school, the only things he can think about are Skellig and his baby sister. But soon on another dark night Mina shows Michael her secret place, an old house, where you can see owls flying. As they visit Skellig again at another night and something unbelievable becomes obvious: Skellig has wings! And after that night Michael has even more questions going on in his head than before: is Skellig an owl or even an angel? Where does he come from, why is Skellig living in a garage? The next day as Michael visits his mother and his baby sister in the hospital, he gets the surprising message that his sister won’t die. Michael’s mother tells him that the baby would’ve died if there hadn’t been this mysterious creature with wings and saved it. Was that Skellig? Just imagine!
I liked the play because the actors were acting well, my favourite actor was the actor who played the role of Skellig. What I didn’t like was, that the scenes were changing quite often and the set didn’t seem realistic.
(C. Wagner)

Report: „Skellig” our visit in the theatre (by Amithaba P.)
On December 6 th, 8a and 7b were going to the tram to go to Littenweiler and then walk to the “Ph-Aula” to watch a play called “Skellig”. First we had to wait for thirty minutes in front of the “Aula”. But then the play started.The play is about Michael who finds a strange person in the garage where his family lives. This person always wants to have a medication which is  called “Aspirin” and he always likes to eat “21” and “57”, which is a special meal from a restaurant. Michael gets these for Skellig. He goes  to his new girl friend and they both decide that Skellig should be moved to another deserted old house in the highest floor. When they brought him there, they were surprised to see that Skellig had wings. Michael had his small new born sister in mind and he hoped that she will survive because she has some heart problems. Michael and Mina, his new girl friend, helped Skellig that he moves and dances with them in a circle. One night when Michael and Mina wanted to visit Skellig, Skellig wasn’t there. He was going to Michael’s small sister to help her. Then Skellig came back and Michael and Mina were dancing again in a circle with him. The next day Michael’s small sister was in a healthy shape, so his mother came back home with his small sister. Michael was very thankfull to of Skellig who visited his small sister and the night before helped her to get well.Then the play was finished and we, 7b and 8a, could ask the actors many questions. One told us that they had been practising every weekend ten hours for three months. Then we went back at school and were happy that we had the luck to watch the play.
I found the play quite interesting and exciting. I would recommend to watch it to others.
(Amithaba Perinchery, form 8)


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