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Mitten in der Stadt, nahe am Menschen

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We, students from form 10, landed in London in the evening of the last day of the carnival holidays, on the 10th of March and went to Guildford by bus. On our first day we were welcomed by the head teacher Ms. Carriett and saw our partner school George Abbot School.

It´s huge! All of us agreed that we would get absolutely lost in these buildings. Also we got to see the town center of Freiburg’s twin town Guildford and we were guided by a friendly member of the Freiburg-Guildford Association who told us a lot of interesting things about Guildford and its history. And we already went shopping. In the afternoon we went bowling with our exchange partners and our teachers Mr. Blank and Ms. Willeke and the first named did pretty well.
On Tuesday we made a trip to Brighton with our exchange partners again. First we saw the Royal Pavilion and all the little lanes and so far everything went good. But as soon as our free time in Brighton ended and we met to go to the i360 which is something like a viewing platform the weather went crazy: strong rain and even stronger wind. No one dared to take a bath although some of us planned to. Wet but happy we arrived at the i360 but the view was not really good, just a lot of rain.
We spent the Wednesday in the museums of London: Victoria and Albert, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. I think all of us had tired legs after this day.
Our forth day was the one  we went to school with our exchange partners. Beginning at 8.30 it was very relaxed. The English students start their day with something called “tutor time” or “form”. It is a lesson in which they sign in and the teachers can use this lesson as they want: for talking about science, telling the students how to wear their uniform right, for talking about current subjects and political issues. After that their normal lessons start. In my case English, Biology, Drama, PSE, drama again and English again. The English students have very different breaks compared to ours. Just enough time to change the building. And we, the German guys, had obviously no idea where to go and just followed our exchange partners, sometimes spotting other Germans in the crowd. The rest of the day was free.

7c88202b 8285 4645 9965 20d52a84e9e8Friday was officially the last day we did something together as a group. Just the German students went to London a second time and saw the city in the morning, this time guided around by our well experienced teachers. In the afternoon we had free time and most of us visited Covent Garden, China town and of cause Oxford street. No matter what we chose to have a look at, it was a lot of walking for sure - 24000 steps my phone counted!
We spent the weekend with our exchange families. Some went to London a third time, some visited Oxford or just a big shopping mall.
On Monday it was time to say goodbye to the families and, of course, to our exchange partners.
All in all, I think we had a great time in England and learned at least a few new words in English. And the ones who already miss their exchange partner: Don´t worry; they will visit us in July!
(Written by Nele Gieseking)

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